Why You Should Consider Living in A Compound in Egypt

The real estate sector in Egypt introduced the idea of compounds to the market around 2005, it’s basically a group of housing units arranged in a design whether they’re villa or residential units, it’s facilitated with security systems and gated entrances, and it’s surrounded by a private fence. Also, different services are usually provided in the compound, whether you want to go shopping, go for a walk, there’s also clubs for picnics and sports. However, every compound has its own social class.

Compounds also vary in terms of housing units, there’s apartments, penthouses, duplexes, Townhouses, Twin houses, and Separated Villas.

 One of the many advantages of living in a compound is the residential units, how it’s designed, the areas of the units which significantly varies according to the compound, which makes it easier to be suitable for the buyer whatever he needs. There’s also privacy, which is the top priority for those who are looking for residential properties, as a compound; it’s considered a closed community with a high level of privacy and somewhat protection from unnecessary noise, pollution, traffic, and crowding. Privacy is paired with security and safety, which is totally guaranteed in compounds as it has private security systems that makes sure everything is in order and helps you sleep at night soundly, knowing you, your family, and your properties are secure.

On the other hand, there’s unified architectural designs, garages and parking slots availability, entertaining services and places, lots of green areas and transportations’ availability based on the location of the compound.

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