Why do people withdraw their money? Breakdown

As family incomes increase, the spent on food falls naturally.

Families with incomes of not up to LE5,000 pay to 54 % on food per year, versus 27.8 percent for families earning more than this figure.

payment on housing is stratified second, once food consumption, and takes up a median of eighteen percent of income, keep with the report.

the foremost necessary proportion of housing expenditure goes on rent, that makes up sixty eight percent of the total, followed by utilities like electricity.

Rent defrayal is relatively low attributable to rent controls and also the prevalence of ownership.

we have a tendency to tend to could pay hours to winnow through this data to look out patterns and trends. Instead, let’s merely hit the highlights.

everyone devotes an oversized chunk of their budget to housing, for example. Poor, social class and created families pay similar shares of their budgets on wear and shoes, and on food outside the home.

but poor families spend the simplest way larger share of their budget on basic needs just like the food at home, utilities, and health care. made families are ready to devote a way larger chunk of their payment to education, and a much, plentiful larger share to saving for retirement.

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