Who is the crisis buyer? The emergence of a new segment in Egypt

The Egyptian real estate market is currently witnessing a robust demand, and at the same time, the government is preparing to introduce to the market large-scale projects, including the New Administrative Capital, New Mansoura, New Alamein, El Galala city, and more.

As a result, the Egyptian economy is somewhat stable despite the aggressiveness of the third wave of the pandemic, which resulted in the emergence of a new segment within the target market; The crisis buyer.

The crisis buyer is the kind of client who usually invests his money in different sectors depending on the economic hype, and ever since the 2016 crisis, this sector has been very careful when it came to economic changes either micro or macro. According to the resources, this segment is currently more into investing in real estate and gold as their value and growth rates are somehow the most stable among others.

On the other hand, affordability still remains one of the main issues for middle-class buyers, which makes the rental market a better choice. 

When asked; more than 40% of the developers are being optimistic in comparison with brokers and consumers as they believe that the current curfew will be lifted within a month.

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