trends emerging in the Egyptian office space and retail markets after the pandemic

With the minimal return to the offices post-pandemic, companies are seriously reconsidering their normal open-floor plans, many managers and CEOs took a lot of decisions in favor of space-efficiency and flexibility.

The new way of working or what managers like to believe will be next; is to make physical barriers between employees whether it’s cubicles or glass-offices. And hence, more engagement between employees and development of relationships which will eventually lead to better problem-solving skills.

On the other hand, there are interesting forecasts suggesting that rental rates at Cairo will be edging a little higher at 13.2% year-on-year, While Giza will be at 1.5%, and Alexandria at 0.2%.

While restrictions on trading, traveling and movement due to the latest curfew had negatively affected the market, the rates are still stable. There’re even some insights that states a mild increase in demand and a mighty change in the levels of average rental levels in the retail sector, as it recovered and flourished noticeably ever since the end of 2020, especially with the continued development of new cities and the nearness of the grand move to The New Administrative Capital and the expected inflation in the prices of its properties and nearby cities.

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