The struggle of young adults to have their own homes

It is an indisputable fact that millennials don’t seem to be as kicked off to possess a home as their folks were at their age, and it’s most likely conjointly attributable to the easy fact that times have changed. individuals are becoming married later now, people are additional career-driven and plenty of Western young adults also face debt once college.

The factor is, owning a home comes with its own set of cultural variations around the world. In Egypt for example, most young adults don’t worry regarding having the ability to own a home because of the actual fact that their parents can most likely have already bought them one. 

In Egypt, it’s custom for folks to shop for their sons a home that they’ll eventually go in once wedding than even families with girls somewhat have confidence in this, as their daughter will eventually marry and move into her husband’s home.

whereas home owning is extremely much tangled with marriage in several places around the world, and obviously so in Egypt, maybe we should always consider the actual fact that owning your very own residence will come back to mean most additional and hold so much more value than merely doing it for the aim of marriage. 

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with buying a home for the purpose of marriage, but what if we glance at home-owning from the attitude of constructing a sensible personal investment. once all, you ne’er recognize when owning your own residence can are available handy.

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