The securitization market in Egypt this year

One of the latest trends in the financial sector, the securitization of banking, which is considered an innovative financial tool that reduces risks, assessment of the performance, and ensures the continuation of the cash flow.

Continuous innovation has been taking place in the asset structuring, classification and valuation which is the main base of the securitization technology.

On the other hand, the government put emphasis on real estate financing by creating all the elements of mortgages including companies, banks, real estate finance, real estate experts, brokers, and even agents. Also, Law No. 48 of 2001 was issued and regulated accordingly, under the supervision of DFI public finances Rkaba.

 In order to activate the securitization system and the launch of real estate bonds for all mortgages to facilitate the market and pump it with new cash to help revive the real estate cycle to revive the Egyptian mortgage finance system and work on its cycle, especially with the recent pandemic in action. Experts are very optimistic especially with the annual indicators of securitization bonds which witnessed the development ever since 2019 with an amount of LE 22 Billion compared to only LE 5.3 Billion the year prior. A great expansion is also expected to take place especially with the increasing importance of assets in the Egyptian market.

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