The real estate investment landscape in Egypt: Insights

Experts and stakeholders have been really optimistic about the real estate domain in Egypt, simply, because Egypt’s been going through a total transformation on so many levels, and slowly became one of the most promising business and investment platforms in the region.

 It’s strongly believed that real estate is one of the industries that supports the economy by providing space for growth; whether we’re talking about offices, retailing, factories, or even logistics’ hubs because when the economy grows, the demand for space does, which positively affects the industry.

On the other hand, the purchasing power of the middle class in Egypt is growing rapidly especially in terms of the lifestyle, which leads to the increase in demand in terms of quality for social life and consumption.

 When you take a good look at the Egyptian real estate sector, you’ll easily notice the new trends that’s been emerging in the market which is somehow leaning towards the residential areas.

New trends and demands were carefully identified by the market player and their efforts shifted accordingly to adapt.

However, from an investment point of view, it’s not enough because it’s strongly believed that the opportunity for the economy generally is too big for what the current players can provide, which is quite debatable.

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