The Impact of Interest Rate Cut on the Real Estate Market

During the pandemic, one of the highly affected industries was the Real Estate Domain, not only did the pandemic itself, but the governmental efforts to sustain the stability of the market; Like when the interest rates declined, which indeed affected the developers in terms of the borrowings, the securitization, and the pricing & payment terms.

This led to a higher demand in the secondary market and accordingly caused an increase in the prices and created a gap between both the primary and the secondary markets. This being said, long-term investors were advised to relocate their investments and consider the real estate domain and take the chance at current prices.

In terms of internal measures, the majority of the developers are currently operating from home, with 25%-50% working from the office based on the segment, while only 10% have their full team working from the office.

Also, when asked about the brokers’ commissions, more than 65% agreed that they didn’t have any intention to change the way they handle brokers’ commissions during the curfew and 50% agreed that there will be no delay in the commissions to manage cash flow, while the rest expected slight major delays.

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