Short Term Decline in offices section during the pandemic

Leading indicators of a slow property market activity are in situ throughout H2 2019. the case has worsened with the unfold of the coronavirus pandemic that has light-emitting diode whole imprisonment of most nations worldwide and prompted unexampled preventive measures to curb the virus. The repercussions rippled through the trade because of several factors, admire the suspension 2020 Cityscape edition, the largest entranceway to looming sales, and also the vital revenue-generating activity for all across Egypt’s property industry. Not solely that, the government’s urban development set up as well as the long-awaited launch of many new cities and alternative national comes were additionally deferred and rescheduled to 2021. 

In Egypt, when weeks of self-isolation and social distancing, particularly across its very important revenue-generating industries, specifically real estate, new business models have developed and selling methods are changed to combat the virus outbreak, to beat its aftermath, and “get the wheel running” as they say. In addition, work has resumed, especially wherever governmental comes are concerned, to satisfy the scheduled deadlines, whereas prioritizing the protection of employees involved.Invest-Gate meets up with a variety of Egypt’s presently active players across the personal sector to induce their insights on the market and the way this world crisis affected their businesses, whereas reflective on the methods they need to be adopted to beat this unexampled time.

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