Recent investments in the Real estate market of Egypt

As one of the most growing economies and with major recent and future development; Egypt is one of the top options when it comes to satisfying the requirements an investor needs to start today.

With all the recent policies in favor of property owners that’s been executed, it has the focus of investors’ attention as an excellent investment location.

In spite of the recent pandemic that didn’t only affect the real estate sector in Egypt, but also impacted all kinds of industries worldwide; Experts believe that the impact was at its peak during Q2 2020, and that a steady pick-up has been in action shortly afterwards which came as a surprise for unprepared parties. However, some developers were proactive and always prepared for worst case scenarios.

It’s strongly believed that lower interest rates drastically helped the residential real estate sector as the gap between both primary and secondary units was as high as 50%, lower interest rates attracted investors to ditch the bank-backed financial tools and go back to buying properties.

Many resources also confirmed that one of the mortgage finance companies made more than EGP 500 Million from contracts, and it’s expected that the mortgage market will be taking off in the high-end secondary market if the interest rates stayed reasonable which highly encouraged property-buying. All in all, the outlook is definitely positive.

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