Real estate online exhibitions in Egypt manage to help the market.

 As much as all industries, the real estate industry didn’t take too long to find its way to digitization and soon enough found its way to reach its target markets in light of the recent global changes due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Virtual or online exhibitions were first introduced in Egypt in November 2020, the official website stated that more than 10 thousand users were interested in attending, booking units online, and using their credit cards. And that’s how they moved forward with the first of its kind expo in Egypt, it was noticed that during the first few minutes of the launch, three bookings were made!

This kind of exhibitions doesn’t only help reach prospective clients, but it also enables anyone who’s interested in Real Estate in Egypt whether they’re inside or outside Egypt to start comparing, browsing, checking offers, and even book their own units without having to be present, and honestly; this will be revolutionizing the Real Estate Domain.

Ideally, we’re looking forward to a time where going through units and their details, comparing their characteristics, pros and cons, and different projects’ selling points. So, whether you’re looking for apartments for sale in New Cairo, a Penthouse near the Nile, a Summerhouse around the North Coast, or even if you’re looking for a new investment opportunity; you’ll find it from the comfort of your seat.

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