Real estate is seen as a safe bet and will continue to be so.

Despite the pandemic, the industry of real estate in Egypt quickly bounced back after the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

It’s pretty noticeable how the real estate domain generally adjusted itself and significantly is working on fulfilling the market’s needs and demands, at the same time; Egypt is recognized as one of the hottest areas  for investments in the region, it can be noticed and is strongly present in the current rising projects on so many locations all over Egypt, like: Zed East and Zed West, the value they present, how it was introduced to the market, and the whole concept of having a variety of options on both poles of the Capital, Cairo, to suit everyone.

It’s fascinating how the industry keeps evolving and adjusting itself to suit various needs and tastes, and present new concepts to the market; and that’s how we’re hoping the real estate industry in Egypt to continue doing. 

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