Real Estate digitization process in Egypt

Last March, Egypt’s Minister of Finance announced that a sum of 22 Million Real Estate properties were registered on the real estate wealth inventory project.

This project aims to increase the availability of digital services in Egypt especially in the real estate sector in Egypt as a part of the digital transformation efforts led by the government.

It was also revealed that this project aims to automate the system of real estate taxing administration, to make it more simplified, integrated, and digitized as a service.

The governmental efforts are aligned to strengthen the governance and the facilitation of the access to electronic services for Egyptian citizens, as a part of the “Digital Egypt 2030” movement.

An estimate of 84,000 citizens submitted their properties tax declarations through the platform of Digital Egypt, it was also mentioned that citizens submitted 3 Million paper declarations were handed over in the first three months of the current year.

The electronic system was reviewed in terms of: the units of organizational structures, Job Description Cards, the distributions of governmental tasks, work cycles and hierarchies, forms and records used.

This process and continuous efforts aim to accelerate the pace of the digitization and mechanization of residential, commercial, and administrative data analysis and declaration.

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