Real estate ads this Ramadan

According to statistics, Ramadan this year was very unexpected on so many levels, especially in the Real Estate Domain in Egypt. It’s expected that 60% of the transaction was of the ready properties.

This year, real estate companies decided to agree to tactically up their game by having 90% of their ads presented by celebrities, artists, and public figures. 

Given the recent pandemic, which resulted in lockdowns and people generally staying at home.

Experts agreed that most companies in the Egyptian market are keen to shed the spotlight on their offerings.

From a marketing point of view, it’s noted that TV ads only can not affect the sales process, that’s why it’s usually accompanied by other channels and offers to get to the target market.  

On the other hand, some experts believe that TV campaigns help the sales process by indirectly facilitating the sales team by employing this kind of promotion to increase their customer base. 

This season’s ads definitely did the job by displaying the products at a suitable timing and using appropriate content to highlight their offerings and deliver a good image of the company and its financial solvency. 

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