Golf Central

On 31,792sqm, Palm Hills built an ornate complex with 188 luxuriously striking offices for all the big business brains and the ones who grab opportunities, seal deals and run Egypt’s economy.
Golf Central provides the best out of grand amenities and customized offices and brings you 66 commercial units for a very special sense of composure over an including cup of coffee, or whatever taste you really relish while staying close to Hale Town and Palm Central brands, and live the luxury of your surroundings.

Golf Center is built in such a focal location—the heart of sterling Palm Hills Developments, where key major elite business minds come together:
• Only 1 minute away from Hale town your wellness Hub.
• 10 minutes away from Izakaya, The Smokery Gold Club, Sports Club, Gezira Club and more.

Services and Amenities:
• Offices
• Banks
• Retail
• Pharmacy
• Restaurants
• Coffee Shops

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