mismatch between funding available from lenders and actual housing costs according to income level.

As priorities and views have shifted over time, thus has the economy – quite drastically even perhaps. during this day and age, nearly everything prices additional. the real estate market in specific, however, is more expensive.  meanwhile, as costs for commodities around us go up, salaries appear to be going down. the typical financial gain for a recent graduate currently is also anyplace around 6,000 EGP (if not less). With a monthly income of this rate, even with annual will increase and bonuses, it might still need to take multiple years of saving to be ready to gather enough cash for a mere downpayment on any of the properties presently being advertised.  

Whereas the real estate market in Egypt in recent years looks to possess been somewhat unstable for a range of reasons, an enormous issue additionally happens to be the voters’ buying power; to not mention the actual fact that once they discuss with citizens’ purchasing power, they’re relating citizens underneath a selected cohort and financial gain level.

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