innovative financing instruments, an untapped market.

The mixed approach was utilized in this thesis to check the sensitivity of the important estate sector through 2 main approaches. each approach was mentioned within the literature review, and that they are claimed to be the most reasons for getting a housing bubble in the land sector. 

the primary approach is that the exposure of the real estate sector to the financial policy, particularly the cash growth. Associate in Nursing OLS quantitative model was wont to test the relation between the real estate sector and also the cash in hand in Egypt. This relation has been confirmed to be vital and a positive relationship, that matches the results from the literature that the important estate sector in Egypt is exposed to the dynamics happening within the financial policy, particularly the amendment in cash supply. Moreover, the danger of getting contractionary policies in Egypt can risk the housing sector performance and thus increasing the risks of having a collapse on the costs of the real estate assets, when the expansionary policies are going down recently in Egypt. Accordingly, the real estate sector in Egypt is exposed to the risk that’s coming back from the impact of the recent changes taking place in financial policies in Egypt.  

The second approach is that the risks of getting a housing bubble in a very market as a result of the provision of credit and also the quality of disposition for the consumers to access the important estate sector. The qualitative approach uses unstructured interviews to investigate and perceive the dynamics of the banking sector in Egypt. The results from the qualitative approach mirrored that there’s a risk from the money market with its broad definition, which suggests together with any financial intermediaries.

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