Egypt’s amends of the real estate registration law aims to relieve citizens of financial burden.

As of March, 2021; The Egyptian Parliament voted in favor of the real estate Registration and documentation, it happened right after a presidential meeting proposing that due to the recent global pandemic, Egyptian citizens doesn’t need the 2.5% disposal tax for when they register their properties, at least not for two more years as per Real Estate Registration Law 186/2020.

This delay resulted in the exemption of citizens, now you are not obliged to pay the tax in order to be able to have access to basic services, like: Water, Gas, and electricity.

In spite of the two-years grace period, the public was still not happy about it, since the law mentioned will stipulate that citizens should finish the measures related to the unit within the year and if not, they’ll have to go through the process all over again. On the other side, it was promised that this issue will be discussed and voted upon to relieve the stress off the public.

Lots of opinions and arguments were discussed with many governmental representatives, it varied from empathy about how the Egyptian citizen is facing a lot of fees and struggles in order to score a property, and others that thought that this law is a matter of security to abolish the phenomenon of illegal construction and slum areas.

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