The 3% decreased interest by the central bank of Egypt encouraged people to invest in the real estate market.

Central Bank of Egypt has issued a 3٪ decrease in interest which has encouraged people to invest in the real estate market lately and as the international Monetary Fund (IMF) claims “various economic reforms are expected to support business investment and private consumption in the coming years” this could lead to a huge leap in the market & be a game-changer for the housing market in Egypt.

Egypt has seen irregular, house price movements in the past few years, buffeted by economic and political events but hopefully, These reforms let the government request from the contracting companies to proceed with work actively. And it’s expected that the situation will get better gradually in the upcoming period. Also seems that these reforms will continue to generate better economic outcomes. 

we have to keep in mind that the Real Estate sector has been on the rise in demand is always increasing.

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