Egypt protects its property sector from a potential bubble.

It’s really fascinating how Egypt could get through the pandemic and still put emphasis on expanding the tax base, activating electronic payments, and expanding modern methods of risk management. The question is; how long can this be enough? And how do we know if this will be the end of the pandemic? The answer is frankly unknown, that’s why it’s really important to stay proactive and a step ahead.

A lot of experts are expecting a decision to cut interest in order to encourage sales in the real estate domain and help them go through the upcoming period by pumping a lot of bank deposits to acquire units for the sake of investing.

A lot of attention has been directed to the Central Bank of Egypt and the important decisions and initiatives they’ve been announcing about, which is obviously demonstrated to minimize the repercussions of the global pandemic and reassure investors whether inside or outside Egypt that some work is being done. Given the inversely proportional relationship between the profitability factor and the interest rate, demand for real estate in Egypt will be on the rise, especially after all the decisions that’s been made to protect the ecosystem of the negative impact of COVID-19.

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