Crisis impact on real estate stakeholders in Egypt: Real Numbers

In the past period, it’s been very tough when it came to the volatility in the market, which put a gap between the fair value price and the listed companies’ market price.

Especially when the world experienced a sudden shock that had a global impact.

A strong recovery occurred at the beginning of this year, which came as a result of the country’s efforts to stabilize the economy and absorb the effects of the recent pandemic, in spite of the increase in the properties’ prices which came as a result of the increase in the raw materials’ inflation of prices, it was only the cost of the market quick rebound and the return of the real demand accordingly.

Also, the declining of interest rates on investment certificates along with a significant fluctuation in the market of gold, resulted in the reconsideration of a big chunk of the market as they consider gold and property investments as the safest, especially in light of the ongoing global crisis.

Simultaneously, the government has been working and going the extra mile to enhance and support the housing projects by eliminating informal areas and relocating citizens safely into projects all over Egypt, the government also established the Social Housing and Mortgage Finance Fund (SHMFF) to provide low-income citizens with more than 1 million unit, not only did they focus on this class; a joint program between the Central Bank of Egypt and the SHMFF was created to work on the social housing program.

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