Cairo residential market has emerged from city center districts to the administrative capital.

The metropolitan region of Cairo now has almost 20 million inhabitants, making it one of the most heavily polluted cities in the world. The World Bank estimates that transport costs amounted to around 4% of total Egyptian GDP. Build the new capital to provide plenty of housing and employment opportunities, keeping in mind that Egypt’s population will almost double over the next 40 years. The aim is also to eradicate overcrowding, which is one of the biggest problems in Cairo due to the increase. The city wants to tackle the various problems facing Egypt and offer a different quality of life. The government is looking for a way that adapts to the growing conditions of the population and civilization. All income levels and culture are welcome in the smart city to keep up with the pace of world development. The government’s goal is for the new capital to be a cashless and paperless city so that you don’t waste too much time creating your documents in government offices as everything will be digitized. 

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